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Quickbooks Payroll

Quickbooks Payroll

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Good afternoon community.  I can see that Quickbooks are really pushing their payroll software with lots of recent updates.

I know this by the recent spate of emails from them.

I am not that happy with my current provider who i think are expensive for my needs.


So, my question is: can I please ask for feedback from the community from accountants as to its functionality//ease of use etc.  Thank you.





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By Wanderer
07th May 2020 14:11
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By Duggimon
07th May 2020 14:50

Nobody on here ever recommends anything other than Brightpay or Moneysoft.

I've never used either, but can confirm IRIS EARNIE is total dogs***

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Replying to Duggimon:
By davidbarry
15th May 2020 11:45

thank you

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By Jfg
07th May 2020 18:29

Moneysoft, used it for years, first class

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By Arakee
08th May 2020 15:40

I don't know what updates you've been getting but every time I point out a short-fall / Error / bad design, I am told "it is working as designed" which means an incorrectly designed report is "what it is - take it or leave it" so I am leaving it and looking to migrate my payroll partway through the year to another package, as recommended by many on here (Moneysoft).

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By Coppice Payroll
11th May 2020 13:36

Hi David,

I'm not sure if you are looking to move payroll providers to QuickBooks due to already being with them for accounting purposes, or if you are just looking for an alternative payroll software and they jumped out at you.

If the former, I don't have experience using QuickBooks for their payroll, but a number of my clients use QuickBooks for their accounting and we can easily upload the payroll into QB using the BrightPay API system, so no need to go all-in with them if BP could serve you better. As Duggimon suggested, there is a reason that the BrightPay and Moneysoft always get recommended, and that reason is value for money with functionality. I much prefer the look and feel of BP and have been with them for years now, happy with the consistent updates. So, if it is the latter, and a pure alternative is all you require, I would suggest getting the demo software on your system, or getting an online demo booked in with them to show you through the program.

Honestly, you wouldn't believe how much the 'big boys' are ripping you off under the guise of them being 'industry standard'. I've yet to see a feature that those can do that BrightPay can't (unless I am seriously out of the loop haha). You won't regret making the switch to a much more value-for-money based service.

Also, you did not indicate your size, but I know that BP have a staggered pricing system below the one that I use (I run a payroll bureau, so pay the highest price, still infinitely more affordable than SAGE) so that smaller companies can find things more affordable. Not sure the rulings on posting links on here that could be seen as advertising, so just give them a google.

Kind Regards,
Coppice Payroll

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David Ross
By davidross
14th May 2020 09:59

We are Mac users and go to the trouble of using Moneysoft Payroll via Windows emulation (Parallels). The look of the program is old fashioned compared with the clean fresh look of Brightpay (which we could use on a Mac) but it is a classic case of function beating form hands down.

(as an aside, if payroll in Quickbooks is as horrid to use as accounts I would steer clear, but I am never going to find out)

Moneysoft's offices are in Fordingbridge. It's a small company with nice modern offices in a small office park in the countryside - never been in, I visited a neighbouring business. It fits with the image of a small business, comfortable in its own skin that has done something well for donkeys years, like a German Mittelschaft. They never attend Accountex, I suppose because they don't need to

Here's the point, they have not changed the old-fashioned style, but they have dealt with everything thrown at them. It must be a nightmare for payroll programmers when such things as workplace pensions are thrown into the mix, but they perform in every way.

What's more, pricing is fair to payroll processors

.... and what I suppose I like most of all is that you can see the whole history of the year on screen, like the old paper P11. When I ask BrightPay every year about this at Accountex, I get a blank stare.

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By pattig
14th May 2020 10:08

Money soft for me every time, I have been using it for many years with no problems

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By uktaylor
14th May 2020 10:22

Hi I have been a Quickbooks Desktop user for 22 years. 19 of those as my own practice. I use it for Payroll, VAT Returns, Financial Accounts and various reporting as required. I also use the Online version. Payroll is only supported from the online version from this tax year. So far I haven't hadn't any problems with the payroll online. I also use the Online version for numerous clients for all parts of accounting. I use Tax Calc for reporting to Companies House and HMRC and you can import from Quickbooks Online into Tax Calc. Downside to the Online version is the payroll element is charged per client and from July there is a charge per employee. If you are already using an accounts software for everything else I would recommend using a payroll only software. Quickbooks is an all in package.

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By Sharon Forrest
14th May 2020 11:09

I have used QuickBooks desktop for years and always found the payroll great. From this tax year to continue using the payroll I would have had to move to QuickBooks online. I found the cost of the QuickBooks online payroll pricey so decided to go with Moneysoft. It took a bit of time to learn a new system and to input all the data for my clients but 2 months in and I am really happy with the software. I also love the fact that it is a small company based in the UK. I would recommend Moneysoft everytime.

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By kevinringer
14th May 2020 13:08

We've been using Moneysoft for years. Support is amazing. Look at all that has happened recently and Moneysoft has been first class. The software can now handle the CJRS calculation and even produce all the data you need for a claim. I use QBO for some clients but would rather not! I've never used the payroll. Because charging is by employee for QBO a client might consider it if is a tiny payroll (just 1 or 2 employees) but I always recommend Moneysoft to clients and that's what most go for.

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