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QuickBooks payroll - unfair upgrade policy?

QuickBooks payroll - unfair upgrade policy?

If I am reading things correctly, Intuit are taking their UK QuickBooks 2008 payroll users for a ride?

Do others agree that they should make the cut-off AFTER the filing and reporting deadlines for 2010-11 have passed?


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By zebaa
17th Mar 2011 16:58


Quickbooks have a long history of 'Giz ya money' type updates. I got out my barge-pole years ago. You may want to do likewise now.

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17th Mar 2011 17:05

Received that one as well

I got the same email, and my reaction was thanks that we don't use QuickBooks payroll.  To discontinue support on a version that's only a couple of years old, and one version behind the current one, is waving two fingers at their customers.  They might find a few waved back.

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17th Mar 2011 17:09

Move to moneysoft

Even if you have to redo some payrolls to submit the p35s.  I moved to moneysoft in April about 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

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18th Mar 2011 07:40

There are other solutions

Faced with ever more frequent demands to upgrade even quite recent versions of QuickBooks we switched our payroll solution to which is a very easy and cost-effective on-line soltution. OK you don't get the nice integration that the Intuit solution provides but a few journals each month and it's all done. We still use Quickbooks for accounting, for which it's ease of use is unparalled, we just switched off automatic updates and the payroll module.


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18th Mar 2011 08:32

QuickBooks online coming soon?

Hi folks, thanks for confirming that it isn't just me that thinks this is very shoddy practice.

Personally, I think this could be QuickBooks "clearing the decks" ready for the release of a QuickBooks Online UK version. This move allows them to re-purpose support to a new product. It would also make some sense if their payroll service is also to move online.

Spring has often been the time when Intuit have launched new products in the UK, so maybe there is an announcement coming soon.


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18th Mar 2011 12:49

They don't learn - do they?

John Stokdyk wrote about this when they withdrew the payroll service for QB 2006 half way through the year and I would have thought Intuit might have learnt something from the experience:

This resulted in a partial climbdown from Intuit, although users were still left with doubts about whether year end filing will work after 5 April.  I suggest you get in touch with Michael Porcaro, who is in charge of media relations at Intuit ([email protected]).  It may still be possible to convince them that they should allow year end filing. 

I'm still on QB 2006 and when I looked just now I can still run P60s, although I haven't tried online filing.  I'm planning to print all my P60s before 31 March, cancel my direct debit and then file online without using Quickbooks.  Then I'm off to Moneysoft for payroll stuff.  Intuit have run out of feet to shoot themselves in.

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18th Mar 2011 12:56

Forgot to answer your question ...

You asked:

"Do others agree that they should make the cut-off AFTER the filing and reporting deadlines for 2010-11 have passed?"

Of course they should make the cut-off after the filing deadline.  They sell a product which says it lets you run a payroll and file payroll reports and forms online.  They've only done half the job you have paid for.  There's a word for that.

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