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QuickBooks Pro 2010 and Payroll

QuickBooks Pro 2010 and Payroll

I am considering moving a payroll with approx 300 staff paid monthly to QuickBooks which is the main accounting package used by the client. Each staff member is paid by the hour which differs each month. The hours are collated on a spreadsheet. Is it possible to import the hours direct to QuickBooks each month rather than entering manually as the payroll is run?


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By chatman
03rd Mar 2011 23:52


For the clients I have not managed to migrate from QuickBooks, I use an Excel add-in from www.BigRedConsulting.com to import transactions. I don't know whether it does payroll or not because I have fortunately managed to keep away from QuickBooks payroll, but it is worth a look. The product is a bit fiddly, but it mostly works (one or two transactions inexplicably refuse to import), and the support response is very quick.

My first advice, however, would be to steer clear of QuickBooks for payroll (and bookkeeping, come to that) if at all possible. Is there no chance of using Moneysoft Payroll Manager and journalling the output into QB? I know it seems that the integrated product should be better, but I do not think it is.

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