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Quickbooks software support plan query

Quickbooks software support plan query

Does anyone else pay for Quickbooks Pro software support? We pay monthly for QB support & have done so for approx. 6 years. The charges have increased over 50% in the last year (was paying £41 now paying £63 monthly for one user licence). Updates & a copy of the new version of program, as well as telephone support are included in this price. I am wondering if we would be better off by simply purchasing the new versions, whenever released - the latest release is available for around £200. It seems whenever we contact QB support, the advice given does not resolve all problems & as I use QB on a MAC computer (via Parallels software - which creates a Windows format on my MAC) the QB Support staff use this as an opt out for resolving any problems i.e they cannot confirm their advice will work as I am operating via a MAC computer. We rarely use the  support service but have always thought it better to have it in place 'just in case'.

I guess what I want to know is if anyone else has many problems running Quickbooks latest software, without purchasing the Support Service. I am beginning to think I should cancel the Support Plan but I am unsure if I will still receive updates for any fixes/faults free of charge. I understand that new versions will have to be purchased when they are released. When I ask QB support staff if I will receive technical updates, they have avoided responding or clarifying my position, if I cancel the support plan.

Any views or advice most welcome.


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By c.szpak
29th Nov 2012 21:18

QuickBooks support
Are you an Accountant in practice? If so you should consider signing up for their professional adviser scheme, good value at £399 pa. Do you run payroll if so again consider PA scheme as it is included. If neither of the above apply, I would consider the one off payment and if you have issues google the QB forums both here and especially the US, I'll bet your questions have been asked before somewhere. Even though I am a PA I'm still on 2012, don't like 2013, so you don't need to upgrade every year if you don't operate payroll.

Hope this helps.


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By Fenella
15th May 2013 14:37

Me too

We also pay handsomely for support from QB, I actually tried to use it last month. I tried rining but a recorded message advised that I ring another time or email as everyone was tied up with RTI queries. So I emailed my problem, apart from an email asking for more info (which I supplied) I have heard nothing for two weeks. We will be cancelling it and I'm considering asking for a refund as they are so useless (won't get it but I have to keep my blood pressure up somehow).


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