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We have a client using quickfile already which was the free version. That wasnt really an issue although it is a bit clunky, however another client is also using it and when they sent the invite for us to have access, there didnt seem an option to add to our existing accountant login, without us having to pay for the access. Surely this isnt a good business model! 

I couldnt find any extra support at all except essentially we had to sign up and pay for the Affinity option. Am I missing something or is this it? client gets it for free, then we have to pay for a service to access the data, and bill them monthly instead? Seems bizarre



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By SXGuy
16th Feb 2024 16:42

Unfortunately this is how it is. You either have to pay to have access via affinity, or you just get the client to add you as an admin and log in separately.

I believe you get some extra stuff via affinity that the client would have to pay for if it wasn't the free option, that's how they market it anyway.

But if your client is on a free tier then I doubt there's many transactions and so even if you were to add to your affinity I can't see it costing that much extra per month.

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By Matrix
16th Feb 2024 17:04

I have had two clients on Quickfile and, even though the first client wasn’t using it anymore, I couldn’t use the same email address to login so used a different one.

Have fun downloading the TB.

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Replying to Matrix:
By tracyannw
16th Feb 2024 17:51

The trial balance is easy - go to the COA put in the date parameters from your first transaction until the date you need and export account balances to excel. Quick and easy with all the detail you need.

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By tracyannw
16th Feb 2024 17:50

We have a number of clients on QuickFile its a good basic piece of software for smaller clients. As an agent you have to subscribe for an Affinity account to access client accounts and they are billed on the basis of transaction number, the largest accounts are only about £60 per annum which is way cheaper than the big players in the software market. Unfortunately without an Affinity account you can only access one client account per email address so if you have multiple clients on it you would either need to create multiple email accounts or pay for Affinity.

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By fmuk
22nd Feb 2024 11:35

Mark, you do need to download Affinity yourself if you want to display more than one client on your dashboard. I don't think there is a cost for Affinity.
When you have the Affinity dashboard you can either 'Create a new profile' or 'Link an existing profile to the account'.
So if a new client already has QuickFile, you simply link them to your dashboard. Then the cost is dependent on the monthly transactions up to £5.00 a month.
It is simple to download a TB.

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