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Quotation/Pricing Software



I am looking for recommendations for a slick quotation software.

I read Glennzy's helpful article He has given Go Proposal the highest mark. It is backed up by the response to the article. It is pricey. 

If you use quotation software, which one do you use? D you have recommendations for quotation software? 







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06th Dec 2017 13:15


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06th Dec 2017 13:56

I look at the standard tariffs on my website and scribble down some numbers and email the client, normally whilst on the phone to them using a one of my standard templates which I top and tail to make personal.

Its about how you speak to them, not how you present the quote.

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06th Dec 2017 16:41

FT GP is too pricey for the sole trader even on the sole trader package they offer.

I thought you were now using Accountancy Manager, do they not have email templates where you can issue quotes quickly and easily i think that is all you need unless you are doing a lot of different services including payroll and bookkeeping.

I have tried with GP and for basic jobs i find i end up over typing the figures to get down to a level my clients would pay, so defeats the object.

As you are a Xero practice have you not considered Practice Ignition as from what I gather from your operation I would think that would work well for you.

I am thinking of rolling that out in New Year.

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06th Dec 2017 16:26

What is your budget?

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to andy.partridge
06th Dec 2017 16:42

It's a blue and green bird called Joey

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