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R & D claim vape liquid production

R & D claim vape liquid production

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I have a client who produces vaping liquids to sell wholesale and retail along with associated products.

He has been approached by regarding a no win no fee R & D claim.

Has anyone had experiance of claims in this sector and with CATAX?



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By Duggimon
26th Nov 2018 14:30

Cold calling "R&D Specialists" are often shady types. That's not to say your client wouldn't necessarily be due an R&D claim but I would suggest looking into it yourself and then, if appropriate/necessary, engage someone to assist with the claim, rather than going with the Ltd Co equivalent of PPI claims robots.

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By SteveHa
26th Nov 2018 15:33

I have to be honest, unless he's doing something innovative (i.e. not simply mixing established ingredients) then I'd be surprised if you could get an R&D claim past the first step.

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By Grayson Moore
26th Nov 2018 16:31

Whilst I have no experience of their technical people the CATAX sales people I've come across left a lot to be desired. They seemed to be a mixture of failed sales people from other industries, who were given the briefest of knowledge of R&D, and sent out to try and convince all and sundry they qualified in order to earn their commission. During the last chat I had with one they were pushing micro breweries and trying to claim every time the brewer came up with a new recipe it was qualifying R&D. Vaping would seem to be the new line.

Once the sales person has made the introduction and signed the client up I'd expect the client to have some form of email and telephone dialogue with a member of the technical team and a claim pulled together from that.

Watch the T&C's as I have seen some of the claims companies try and tie the client in to using them exclusively going forward.

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Nigel Holmes
By Nigel Holmes
30th Nov 2018 09:24

I would like to introduce myself as Catax’s Senior Tax Specialist. I am a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser.

I have 18 years’ experience in making R&D claims and joined Catax in April 2017 after looking at the marketplace and deciding they were a highly successful, 100% reputable company to work for and have an excellent track record at submitting successful claims across many sectors.

Catax has supported thousands of clients over the last 10 years, employs around 100 people, have five offices and have official partnerships with ICAEW, CIMA, the Institute of Financial Accountants and The Law Society.

Once we sign a client, we carry out an initial technical review to identify whether or not a claim is possible, before sending one of our team of consultants to prepare the report by way of a face to face meeting, not a form and rarely by way of a phone call.

Therefore, I feel these comments are not a true representation of Catax and our Managing Director would like to invite those of you who have commented to our head office to view our professional set up first hand. A flavour of this can be seen in our video

Nigel Holmes FCA CTA

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Replying to Nigel Holmes:
By Duggimon
30th Nov 2018 09:51

Hi Nigel,

I think cold callers are a blight on society and wondered what your opinion on this is?

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Nigel Holmes
By Nigel Holmes
30th Nov 2018 11:04

I don't have a strong view on cold callers - they are doing a job and some are good and some not so good. It is a small part of Catax's sales drive and they work from generated lists to try to contact real potential targets.

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