Random 2FA text from HMRC last night?

Suspicious 2FA text

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I got a text from HMRC last night, with an authentication code. Nothing odd about that except neither myself nor any of the directors were trying to log in. I have changed the password, and there is no sign of a partial log in on our HMRC account (though I'm not sure a failed log in would show). Is this just a random blip from HMRC or did loads of folk get these?

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By paul.benny
08th May 2024 12:46

Nothing here.
It could be your number is still against some other account (eg a previous job). Or someone entered the number incorrectly for their own account.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By Fenella
09th May 2024 10:52

That is exactly what happened! It's nothing sinister, nor HMRC incompetence. My OH went into his Gateway to check his NI contributions, forgetting my mobile is set up for the 2FA, as I used to do his self assessments when he was freelance! Shame he didn't mention it until after I had changed the pesky password on my work account.

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By rmillaree
08th May 2024 12:57

it may be my fake memories but did hmrc not send out a while back texts in error ?? can anyone confirm? - i wish hmrc would take such issues seriously - if it was me i would be asking very direct questions of hmrc to see what they have to say. if someone is sniffing around you never know what ability they may have to get updated passwords or try again later.

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