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R&D: Sage spreadsheet integration Construction


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So the Business i am employed by has previously run their Projects off spreadhseets, however they moved to a more intricate system which isn't preffered by most users. My question is, has anyone ever run projects via spreadsheets which intergrated with Sage? This is something i think may benefit the business and as such i am carrying out some research into the same. Any advice or examples would be most aprpeciated!

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By kiwilondon99
23rd Jan 2020 14:19

depends on what depth of reporting / output / ciscontrol etc..... etc you want to capture

higher end versions ofs50 have project accounting inherent in the setup !
there are add-on sage + third party products also
when i log into s50 now [because i have not disbled it yet]- i see addons offered... including ...sage construct

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