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R&D tax credit claim

R&D tax credit claim

Last year I downloaded from hmrc an R&D tax credit claim template which was extremely helpful. This year I wanted to download another but can't find it on the HMRC website. I have phoned several departments of HMRC asking them where it is and no-one actually seems to know what I'm talkign about or can be bothered to find out or direct me to someone that can. Does anyone have a link pointing to this????


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By Gilly
10th May 2012 16:58

Not any more

I found the template useful too, but spoke to an inspector at the HMRC specialist unit in Manchester recently, and he told me they stopped using the template last year.  Apparently it was more confusing than helpful to some people, expecially with the rate changes meaning you have to use 2 different ones if your company year end is not 31st March.

So now, you just have to knock up your own calculation, or use the same template as last year, but change the rates.  The staff at the specialist units are helpful, and will have a look at your calculation before you submit, their contact details depend on the company's postcode, so check CIRDs 80360 and 80350 for the right one to help you. 

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