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R&D Tax Credit - Recent changes to filing

HMRC have changed the method of filing R&D tax credits and our software (Taxfiler) has not caught up

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Has anyone else faced this issue? How have they dealt with it?

Any pointers or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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By sanjay100
08th Apr 2021 10:59

I had an issue with RDEC on taxfiler. I am still not convinced it calculated the tax element of the tax credit correctly.

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By DaveyJonesLocker
08th Apr 2021 12:54

As its owned by IRIS now, development will stall. It happens with every product they buy out.

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By Swandan83
11th Apr 2021 15:48

I contacted Taxfiler on this last week and they came back and said they were looking to release the update for CT600L in the next month or so. Not ideal!

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Replying to Swandan83:
By Wilson Philips
11th Apr 2021 16:08

It’s not Taxfiler’s problem. HMRC are not set up yet to accept the new supplementary pages. But I agree - not ideal. Far from it.

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