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R&D Tax experts

R&D Tax experts

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Can you recommend an R&D tax expert in Kent and Sussex.

I need someone who will work with us to get tax return right,

not make us submit wrong return, and then amend it with their claim,

so that they can get paid on percentage of rebate.

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By merlyn
30th Apr 2015 15:36

More than that

In addition to getting the CT600 right you should also be looking at preparing a technical report to justify the claim and also producing a breakdown of the costs being claimed for, so that HMRC can ensure they it into one of the allowed categories.

Not quite sure I understand "not make us submit a wrong return and then amend it with their claim so that they get paid on percentage of rebate"

All R&D tax consultancy firms which calculate their fee as a percentage of the benefit achieved would still work their fee out on the tax saving achieved so would end up charging the same regardless of if you simply didn't pay the tax in the first place.

Don't know of any firms in Kent or Sussex, but can give you some free advice if you want to post any questions or drop me a message.

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Replying to I'msorryIhaven'taclue:
By partner55
30th Apr 2015 16:24

I am not objecting to them being paid on a %.

I had a bad experience with a previous medium sized firm, who refused to give us the information every year until after the deadline,

so we had to complete accounts and tax returns each without the right claims in.

Eventually the client moved to them for accounts and tax too, as it was the only way to get things right.

This has put me off some of the experts.

I just want someone who will do the analysis and liaise with us so I can get the accounts and tax return right.


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By merlyn
30th Apr 2015 16:40

Normal Practice

Why the client would move to a firm who let them down each year is strange but a lot of accounting firms who offer R&D as a service see it as a foot in the door and the overall objective is to get the client to move from their normal accountant/tax advisor to them.

I actually work for an R&D consultancy firm and we only work for referrals from accountancy firms and don't offer any accountancy services ourselves so works very well.

Sadly don't know any firms in Sussex/Kent, although we do have some clients over that way.

I've heard good things about Grant Tree and the owner (Daniel) seems to know his stuff so might be worth giving them a call.

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