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Re-imbursement of expenses to a supplier

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Hi all :) !!!,

Can anyone advise on the correct procedure for the below scenario???-

We (company 'X') use courier 'A' to deliver our goods. Company 'X' have instructed courier 'A' to use company 'X' fuel cards for the purchase of fuel.

On one of the delivery days, Courier 'A' used courier 'A' fuel card instead of company 'X' fuelcard.

We now owe fuel expenses to courier 'A' but the fuelcard transaction sits on courier 'A' fuel card invoice.(Therefore not invoiced to company 'X' directly)

What is the correct procedure in order to re-imburse courier 'A' for the fuel cost? Also, would this have any implications on VAT reclaiming?

Thank you

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By Leywood
03rd Aug 2021 18:01

Is the courier an employee?

If not, why are you allowing another legal entity to use your fuel card?

what does your Accountant say?

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By SXGuy
04th Aug 2021 07:48

Forgetting all the further questions that come with your post, the simple answer is, courier A invoice company X for the fuel.

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