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RE: Incorrect tax relief box used in CT600

RE: Incorrect tax relief box used in CT600

Hello all,

I am just after some advice please. I have already submitted a CT600 to HMRC, deadline is 31st March 2017. I have realised that i have made a mistake on the return. Instead of using a tax relief box for current year losses against total profits, i have used a 'non taxable' box within the loan relationships section. The outcome of this is still the same, relief  claimed. The company has made a trading loss this year. My question is, how significant will this be to HMRC? Does it warrant an amended return, and re-tag the whole thing again? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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22nd Feb 2018 18:45

It might make no difference to this year's tax but what about losses carried forward?

Are they as reported ?

Also - how much is involved ? A few quid ? Or Bigbucks ?

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