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Corporate restructure

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Hi I need someone to help me with a quick re-structure of a business moving assets from one company to another, dealing with some exaisting finance - no issues with HMRC or other creditors simply urgent restructure required and I want to run it past someone else for a fee - don’t expect free advice on the forum..just that I am sole practitioner and want to do the best for my client and sometimes that involves saying I don’t know everything..please message me..

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Accountants & Tax Advisors
By Gladstone
12th Oct 2018 11:36

Paul - I've assisted UK, US and Dutch companies in respect of restructure and re-org within the same groups before. Can't claim to be an expert on everything involved, however please feel free to pm and I can share my details.

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By WhichTyler
12th Oct 2018 13:53

It's not for me, but it might be helpful if you gave an idea of scale. Are the assets in question worth thousands or millions of pounds? and what sort (buildings or cash)?

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