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Real time CGT or not

Client disposed of residential property overseas - not reportable?

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Can anybody confirm that a disposal of an overseas residential property is NOT subject to the real time reporting rules?  

Sch 2, Finance Act 2019 states "UK property..." so the requirement doesn't exist for overseas property held by a Uk resident?  

Conflicting commentary online is planting a seed of doubt.  I know the legislation refers to Uk property but I just wanted to confirm, as I dont want to land the client with a penalty!  

Apologies for the stupid question I just have a niggle and have nobody to run this by. 


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By The Dullard
27th May 2022 14:43

It is for direct and indirect interests in UK land only. And for UK residents, it only applies to direct interests in UK residential property where there is a tax liability.

Where is this conflicting online commentary? What does it say?

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By Manchester_man
27th May 2022 14:51

Thanks very much. I use the word commentary loosely; it was different unofficial articles which indicate that non Uk property is included (I know, I should trust the legislation).

4th paragraph

plus another similar article which I can’t find.

Thanks again. I’ve done some further reading and together with your response, I’m now certain that non-Uk residential property disposals do not need to be real time reported.

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