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Reason for compliance check

Is this a random event or something more?

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A client received a compliance check notice last week, in relation to her 2021 tax return. She is a pensioner with a tiny amount of interest and dividend income,  two pensions, plus some Gift Aid claims. Nothing at all exceptional. I wondered if this could be a random exercise, or something  else, and would I achieve anything by telephoning HMRC to ask why this has been issued. As an aside, this telephone number's hold music had a classical sound, so much more bearable than the one we normally have to listen to, which is a form of ear torture.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Jul 2022 09:56

Probably random. I would speak to the inspector and they will probably confirm if there is something they know that you client has not got on the return (they wont tell you exactly, but the type of area, eg offshore income etc) and by extension if its just a random pick. You can ask something like "is there an area we should double check before getting back to you?"

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By More unearned luck
04th Jul 2022 12:40

Perhaps HMRC are of the view that the return omits income or gains that should have been returned. Yes: telephone and ask.

You don't say what HMRC have asked for.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
04th Jul 2022 12:56

Not random.
There is always a reason, even if it is only the computer spotting some pattern.
Always call and find out as much as possible before responding.

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By Not Anonymous
04th Jul 2022 14:51

It looks like there is still meant to be some completely random enquiries.

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By harpsong
04th Jul 2022 15:41

I had something similar recently. just gave them what they asked for, copies of invoices etc and they checked and closed in a very timely fashion. The client in question was a very simple one so no real reason for it. I think it was just random

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