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'Reasonable' Request For Information?

'Reasonable' Request For Information?

I am a sole trader and recently submitted a claim for overpaid SA tax (Sch 1AB TMA 1970) for 2008/09 for a subcontractor client. The Inspector has responded by issuing TMA 70, s.9A enquiries into the whole SA tax return for 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11, demanding all business records, and my firm's working papers, for the three years. There is nothing to hide, but the amount of additional workload involved, for which I will not be able to invoice the client, hardly seems justifiable. Is it worth objecting to the request on the grounds of unreasonableness - or would that simply invoke more onerous scrutiny?


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29th Nov 2012 13:16

does seem extreme....

how many records are there given he is a subbie?....and what was the adjustment in 08/09 (I presume significant enough to get the revenue to prick[***] their ears up).

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29th Nov 2012 18:29

"for which I will not be able to invoice the client"

Why on earth not?

It is HMRC who has instigated the enquiry, not you. Are you a charity? If not, tell your client what it will cost and get paid in instalments as you do this work OR get paid up front.

If the client doesn't like it, he can always go elsewhere.

Sorry for being so blunt, but why on earth should YOU have to pay for HMRC's work? Yes, the client will probably raise merry hell but why should you be the one to suffer? He will probably go elsewhere next year anyway 'cos his mate down the pub uses an accountant who NEVER gets any enquiries.

Such is life....................

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