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Receipt Bank

Alternative recommendations

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looking for alternatives to receipt bank

interested to see whats others use and how they stack up

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By In a Daze
03rd Jul 2018 18:00

We use Auto Entry for most of our clients

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By Glenn Martin
03rd Jul 2018 22:52

Autoentry is better and has fairer pricing I find

Although the App for clients is probably better in RB

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By GlobalTax
03rd Jul 2018 23:11

I do like Entryless due to its presentation and Datamolino for customer service.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
04th Jul 2018 08:03

We use AutoEntry - we can use the credits we buy across our entire client base.

I’ve started to realise how automated it can make things if you spend a while setting it up.

It looks like they will be releasing an inbuilt mileage tracker soon.

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By exceljockey
04th Jul 2018 09:39

I have trialled HubDoc over the last three months to see whether it is a viable alternative to RB. The one thing I liked about HD was its ability to login to your online accounts and download the invoices without you having to do it. I know RB has started beta testing Fetch which would do the same.
I like Hubdoc and will continue to use it for my business and may recommend it to new clients, especially tech clients as they have loads of online accounts so HD would be better but I don't think it offers enough advantages to switch existing clients over.

I am going to look at AutoEntry next.

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By Counting numbers
04th Jul 2018 10:37

AutoEntry is super. I like their pricing and it saves quite a lot of time compared with manually doing this type of work. I think they may offer a free trial.

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By Alex_T
04th Jul 2018 13:00

Another vote for AutoEntry. Good software at a good price.

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By Paul Scholes
04th Jul 2018 15:36

I too prefer to use AE to RB although if the business wants to send the paper for processing I think that RB still accepts this but AE doesn't.

Warning for anyone using Clear Books, it's integration with RB is good and you can differentiate employee expenses from supplier bills but its integration with AE is useless as it can't accept the document image.

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By kiwilondon99
05th Jul 2018 11:31

with sage50 desktop - have recently seen icomplete [ they were also at accountex] anyone using them - or what is being used on sage50 desktop [ looking for/ onbehalf of client site finance office]

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