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Receipt Bank accountants pricing

Does anybody know the pricing for accountants and has the £25 charge for the dashboard gone?

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Does anybody know the current pricing for accountants? 

I spoke to receipt bank and said it was in tiers but wouldn't give me prices unless I accepted a demo and had a phone call. I've used it previously so don't need this, I just need prices.

Also, does the £25 charge for the dashboard still exist?




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By acornsouthwest
25th Oct 2019 13:14

The quote I was given for the basic tier this month was £199 per month.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
25th Oct 2019 18:03

acornsouthwest wrote:

The quote I was given for the basic tier this month was £199 per month.

I was quoted £200pcm in, I think, august

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By johnt27
28th Oct 2019 17:29

The £25 is gone.

You now have 3 tiers of pricing: Extract, Streamline and Optimise. I don't know the pricing levels as these have in the past been bespoke, particularly for practices moving off the old pricing models.

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By Andy556
29th Oct 2019 09:41

Thanks everyone. They called me and quoted £99pm or £950 per year for the lowest tier (Extract) which is all I need. Not sure what the other 2 tiers are but I don't need any additional features either way at the minute. The price seems reasonable to me.

That's for unlimited transactions over unlimited clients because I'm a sole director with no employees.

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By marks
30th Oct 2019 22:29

The prices i have always been give are £199, £399 and £599 per month for the 3 packages.

We have always used Autoentry and currently pay about £250 - £350 per month for it based on what we use. Plus I pay £30 a month for my own RB subscription. However AE been a bit glitchy over the last month and with the SAGE takeover it will eventually be closed for all but SAGE users in the next couple of years I would guess.

We are going to move to RB but they are wanting a full years fee up front as we have tried it a few times over the last couple of years and came off after a month (after paying our first monthly fee).

Personally dont think it fair they wont let us pay monthly. If you offer a month subscription option you shouldnt penalise someone for opting out. No matter how often they do it.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
30th Oct 2019 23:59

they always go promotion heavy for Xerocon Marks, I am sure they will do you a deal. I am on the middle tier and it works great as AE was become too expensive.

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