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Receipt Bank and expense claims

Receipt Bank and expense claims


I use Xero and Receipt Bank. I have a client that has 30 consultants all submitting receipts and mileage for their expenses. The problem with the Xero expense claim process is that it doesn't handle FX (even if you have that option open) and you cant recharge a expense submitted via the expense claim process to a client in the way you could do a normal one. these 30 consultants are in about five different countries.

In receipt bank you can create a expense report and it handles FX / recharge. But what do I do about mileage as you need a receipt to create an entry

Anyone come across this and any advice?


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03rd Mar 2016 17:37

Mileage Receipt

I would just create a word template for mileage claims which consultants can fill out and submit to Receipt Bank. It will pick up the date and the amount which should be all you need.

From my experience Xero does handle recharges (https://help.xero.com/uk/Billable-Expenses) but you can also do it directly from Receipt Bank which I think might work better in this case.

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03rd Mar 2016 18:29

Mileage and recharging


Agree about the expense claim problem in Xero.

For clients who need multi-currency expenses we use Receiptbank.  For mileage there is Tripcatcher which calculates mileage at the govt approved UK rates.  It also takes care of reclaiming the VAT on the fuel element - the claimant does need to send in VAT receipts for fuel separately to their company admin, however.  Tripcatcher integrates with Receiptbank and the items can be added to the Receiptbank expense claim.

With some of the consultants being abroad, I guess there may possibly be different motor mileage rates, and Tripcatcher does not (yet) handle this.  I think it is on their roadmap though.

I have heard of this app as well, not sure if this might suit - we don't use it so I am not sure: https://www.vezma.com/Features 

Xero does do recharges, and quite nicely I think.  BUT you can't do it on expense claims, and it only works when the purchase invoice is in draft.  And it doesn't work on spend money items.

However, if most of what you need to recharge is based on purchase invoices + expense claims from Receiptbank (which crucially are treated as purchase invoices in Xero), and you are happy to put a process in to capture recharges at the draft stage; then I think it could work for you.

Hope that helps.


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