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Receipt recording app for sole traders

Alternatives to 1Tap

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Does anyone know of any (simple to use) apps other than 1Tap to allow our clients to record their expense invoices (by taking a photo).

We don't need a huge amount of reports or sophistication just an (exportable) report showing date, supplier name, gross VAT and net.

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By exceljockey
18th Aug 2021 13:42

What accounting software do they use?

I don't use 1 Tap so I don't know much about it. What don't they like about it?

You could use something like Airtable to build a simple one.

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18th Aug 2021 14:25

Why not use one of the App Creator products that come with Google Suite or 365 to make a simple form fill, attach a copy of the invoice. Data ending up in excel/spreadsheet of choice

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By jonharris999
18th Aug 2021 15:28

We have our own, and I am happy to share details and give a 10-day free trial to any new user. If accountants are interested for their clients then perhaps it is best if they PM me here, and I will share details privately.

It records expense details, stores pics of receipts, emails out customer invoices, and obviously compiles monthly and annual reports from the data it's been fed.

It costs £2.50 + VAT pcm to subscribers after the trial period.

It's been designed specifically for creative industry folk, since that's our specialism, but that's only the branding - there's no technical reason why any sole trader can't use it, and indeed some of our non-creatives use it happily.

It's not MTD ITSA ready yet, but that of course is our plan.

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Replying to jonharris999:
By tracey2412
19th Aug 2021 10:52

@jonharris999 - I would be interested in looking at your app as I have some creatives in my network who I would love to get organised! How do we connect without breaking any rules of this forum & getting either of us in trouble? Many thanks!

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Replying to tracey2412:
By jonharris999
19th Aug 2021 11:42

@tracey2412 Thanks! Users can PM each other by clicking on handles as links (and I have just PM'd you in this way!).

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
18th Aug 2021 19:53

We use Receipt Bank (now Dext)

If you have a few clients you can join as an accountant, pay a fixed subscription and charge you clients whatever you want.

For any jobs we do bookkeeping for we save a huge amount of time (and its more accurate).

Don't know if I can post this but if you sign up with this link ( you will get a month free. Fill in the form and Dext will contact you directly and discuss your requirements and discuss cost.

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