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Receiptbank yacht party - anyone going?

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Anyone going to the receiptbank yacht party on 23rd May?

I am assuming many people have been invited and I am not special??  Anyone been to a similar event by Receiptbank before? How hard sell is it?


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19th Apr 2018 09:06

And there was me thinking receiptbank yacht party was an indie band from the '90s...

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to TomHerbert
19th Apr 2018 09:33

With a name like that no wonder it struggled...

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19th Apr 2018 09:32

No, you are the special one...

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By Tornado
19th Apr 2018 13:22

A party on a Yacht ... I think not.

Perhaps it will be a virtual party where they take a photo of the Yacht and send a copy to your phone.

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19th Apr 2018 13:42

This will clash with AWEB rockstar post Accountex party in Canary Wharf, no hard sell just good banter.

That should make your choice an easy one.

I am actually staying on the yacht I may host my own party.

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to Glennzy
19th Apr 2018 16:24

And not forgetting the pre Accountex party either. Well I say "party", it might just be a few blokes in a pub.

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to Red Leader
19th Apr 2018 16:33

I am looking forward to being a guest at the South East branch of the accounting inner circle.

AKA known as a few blokes in a pub.

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19th Apr 2018 13:52

Its either a very big yacht, or a very small party

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By Luke
19th Apr 2018 15:06

Ok, yacht was their terminology. It is onboard the Sunborn Hotel which is moored in Royal Victoria Dock.

Sounds like there are not loads of people going which surprises me. I have used Receiptbank in the past but no longer do, perhaps they are trying to tempt me back.

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19th Apr 2018 16:30

I went to Digita drinks event there a few years back actually, it was ok.

But was more a case of 20 people on the front deck of the ship having a casual drink , more than a party.

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By Luke
to Glennzy
19th Apr 2018 17:42

This is billed as a 3 course meal, music and cocktails... I think they want to impress!

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