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Just filtered Any Answers on recent, and there's a post by RunningMate in September 2017, with just four replies, all in September 2017 appearing on the first page. No new answers, and so not necro-bumped.

How old does something have to be before it's no longer recent?

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By Chipette
22nd Feb 2018 11:09

Well, the "how to display zero in Excel" from 2005 is still trending...

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By lionofludesch
22nd Feb 2018 11:26

Maybe put those quote marks round "Recent" and not "Any Answers".

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
22nd Feb 2018 12:15

Disagree- SteLacca was referring to the section entitled Any Answers & as he was naming it in his reference was correct to use the quotation marks.

In order to place the questionable emphasis in whether-or-not it (the “Any Answers” thread) was in fact recent (which from your wording I assume is the case), the title could have maybe begun ‘Recent’...

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By Ruddles
22nd Feb 2018 11:33

It's my (and possibly others') fault - I reported a spam post, which has obviously been removed. But the system still recognises the fact that there was a recent post on the thread.

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By Tom Herbert
22nd Feb 2018 12:55

Hi SteLacca,

Ruddles is, as always :-), correct. There was a spam posting in the RunningMate thread that we zapped this morning. Presumably the filter hasn't quite caught up yet, but hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

All the best,


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Replying to TomHerbert:
By SteLacca
22nd Feb 2018 14:52

Thank you, that explains it.

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