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Reclaim of CIS as an Agent

Can't seem to be able to find the 'E-Form'

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Hi All,

I need to reclaim the CIS suffered by my client who is a company.

In the past I made the claim by completing the online 'E-Form' and submitting. I can't seem to be able to find this form on the website.

Has it moved or is there now a new procedure.

I called HMRC CIS helpline, but unfortunately they were unable to help!!!

Thanks in advance

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By Greenroof
08th Jul 2020 09:53

Here you go.
I think there was an issue as to which account oy use to log in. Normal one or agent services account ( MTD) It's been a while since I used this. I bookmarked this as it is so hidden away....

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Replying to Greenroof:
By CardiffAccountant
08th Jul 2020 10:16

Thanks Greenroof.

The link that you sent no longer seems to work. In the meantime, had another chat with HMRC and finally managed to get to the form. It is hidden, but can be accessed here:

It seems that you have to use the clients own Gateway Account.

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