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Reclaim tax on German dividends

Reclaim tax on German dividends

A client of mine has suffered tax in germany on this dividend income. The rate of tax is 26.375% and HMRC will only grant relief on 15%. I understand that it may be possible to reclaim the excess from the German Tax authorities. My client is Uk resident.

I have obtained the application form and note that it must be countersigned by HMRC. Can anyone advise to which HMRC office the form should be sent for signature.



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By ACDWebb
14th Aug 2012 16:04

Send the form

to your clients HMRC, it'll end up in the central distribution centre for HMRC anyway.

If you then use the secondary level heading "Foreign income (Foreign Tax Credit)" from HERE it might get through a bit quicker, just don't hold your breath

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