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Reclaiming VAT from Turkey

Reclaiming VAT from Turkey

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A client has just brought in his quarterly bookkeeping for his VAT return and has bought £25k of perspex from a business in Turkey

He did not give his VAT details to the supplier and the reverse charge mechanism was not applied. Our client paid price plus 18% VAT

We have suggested our client gets in touch with the supplier and try to have this altered to a reverse charge sale and for the VAT  to be returned but he is not hopeful. 

Alternatively he presumably should be able to claim the VAT back from the Turkish authorities, could anyone recommend a claim-refund company that would deal with this?

Many thanks

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By paul.benny
30th Jun 2020 13:59

I've previously used Quipsound for VAT reclaim - but not for quite some years.

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By Mr_awol
30th Jun 2020 15:48

I would use TMF group for this. I don't know how their rates compare to similar businesses but I have always found them to be very helpful

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By Wilson Philips
30th Jun 2020 15:57

Not sure, but I don't think the reclaim mechanism can be used where the VAT should not have been charged in the first place. Happy to stand corrected, though.

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Replying to Wilson Philips:
By FayeBK
01st Jul 2020 14:56

I also think this... not recoverable because it's been charged incorrectly on the basis that it was being supplied to an individual / non-VAT registered business?

Also the HMRC site says
"You CANNOT get a refund for:
-goods you bring in from an EU country (these are called ‘acquisitions’)"

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