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Recommend a Hosted Desktop provider (not HDUK)

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Hi There,

Can anyone recommend a hosted remote desktop provider that they have used and that is not HDUK (Hosted Desktops UK)?

We're about 20 users and would require someone with experience within the accounting sector and the most important factors for us are reliabibility, security, backup and fast customer service. They also need to be a solid company with a decent balance sheet, i.e. not here today, gone tomorrow.

Let's avoid talking about HDUK please and if we can just focus on creating a list of good alternative providers.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
14th Oct 2021 17:41

is this still "a thing?"?

With (most) software now being browser based hasn't this eclipsed the point of hosted?

I am only a tiny 2 persons business and the IT has gotten a lot easier in the past 10 years, the only thing we have on 'the server' (well actually one of the PC's we use as 'the server') is taxcalc and if we wanted to that is now available cloud.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
14th Oct 2021 21:50

Our ‘server’ is just the oldest laptop (c10yrs) and only has Moneysoft on it.

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By Cloudcounter
15th Oct 2021 09:39

Agree with Alisk. When we moved to a hosted system, everything was on desktop. Eventually bookkeeping, accounts prep, contact management, tax all moved to cloud systems all moved to the cloud. I could see no point in paying somebody so that I could log on to their server to log on to the cloud. We then moved things like Excel to MS Office, which was a lot cheaper than the hosted system and removed the need for daily external backups.

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By jon_griffey
15th Oct 2021 16:07

We have been with Iris hosting for a number of years now. We have about 15 users. It was the best thing we ever did getting rid of our old server - all our IT worries disappeared overnight, and it has been a godsend with WFH. Iris is not the cheap option, but I figured that as we are entrusting our mission critical data with a 3rd party, we needed comfort that they would be around for the long term and have things like GDPR, data security etc covered.

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By Carl London
18th Oct 2021 23:11

Cloud2Me have hosted TaxCalc, Brightpay and more for me for 5+ years and I would definitely recommend them.
Support is decent, pretty quick response time and good value too.

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By leicsred
21st Oct 2021 09:50

We use a company called Key Computers. The brand is Cloud Geeni. We have found them very good and a lot faster than our previous supplier.

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By SteveHa
21st Oct 2021 11:55

Familiarise yourself (or even better, hire someone on an as hoc basis) who is familiar with Linux servers.

Don't let "Linux" put you off. A Linux based server can serve Windows to all users, including the software required.

being someone who has to work on a Windows based server, but has used Linux servers, I can honestly say that Linux is more stable.

There will probably not be a measurable cost saving (despite the use of FOSS) by the time that you build support in, but there should certainly be a security and stability benefit.

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