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HMRC court order - statement

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Need help as HMRC taking my client to court, whom they suspect fraud. HMRC wants a statement from me to be used in court. PLease can anyone recommend a solicitor for me thanks. 

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By Deez Nuts
20th Feb 2024 16:02

Highly recommend James Morgan McGill.

They're based in Albuquerque but go above and beyond for their clients.

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By WinterDragon
20th Feb 2024 16:44

If we're talking Albuquerque then I'd suggest HHM are a bit more professional.

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By williams lester accountants
21st Feb 2024 09:57

Are they still going, I heard Howard passed away.....

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By Dougscott
20th Feb 2024 16:07

There's some good ones in Mumbai and they are all very reasonably priced.

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paddle steamer
20th Feb 2024 16:10

Do you need a solicitor or an adviser?

The reason I mention this is David Winch, who posts on here, I think did/does forensic accounting work re fraud cases so might be able to guide/advise.

If a solicitor what are you looking for, presumably to advise you re making a statement, if this is to protect your legal position would this be a criminal solicitor or something else you sought?

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By ShannonSmith
20th Feb 2024 16:12

please recommend one in the UK

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paddle steamer
20th Feb 2024 16:24

One what. Solicitors tend not to cover all legal areas, what type do you need?

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By Leywood
20th Feb 2024 16:15

Contact your PII providers

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By paul.benny
20th Feb 2024 16:18

You might want to start a discussion with your PII provider about whether they wish to be involved and if so whether they will provide the legal support.

Likewise, worth discussing with the ethics helpline of your professional body. A voluntary statement may breach the fundamental ethical principle of confidentiality

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By FactChecker
20th Feb 2024 16:55

OP *really* needs to work out (but not tell us here on a public forum) WHY any type of legal support is sought - presumably for themselves not for the client.

But 100% your two suggestions ... I sincerely hope PII is in place (and if so will almost certainly need to be informed ASAP if cover is not to be invalidated); and PBs have been known to justify their membership fees in just these kinds of situation.

P.S: just spotted your point re whether the requested 'statement' is voluntary or not - another aspect that OP didn't make clear but needs to ascertain pronto.

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By kestrepo
20th Feb 2024 16:39

I would like to reiterate the posts about contacting your PII provider if you have a policy. Often the small print in the policy documents states that you have to register a potential claim at your earliest opportunity..... otherwise you are not covered. Hope you find relevant legal assistance.

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David Winch
By David Winch
20th Feb 2024 16:55

I have sent you a private message.

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By lionofludesch
20th Feb 2024 17:54

If this statement is to be used in court, I suspect HMRC are doing more than suspect.

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