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Recommend cheap accounts prod & bus tax calc

Recommend cheap accounts prod & bus tax calc

Hi, I work for a small retail company and produce stat accounts for the 3 companies involved. I have used Excel, Word & HMRC site to produce and submit accounts for the last three years but looking for a cheap package that can do the job for me - Iris have just quoted me £3000!! I only wanted to spend a couple of hundred pounds, is Microsoft & HMRC my only option? Any ideas appreciated, I hoped I could borrow an accountant in practice's software but apparently it would be an issue to submit accounts I have prepared through their gateway? Thanks for your comments in advance.


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04th Feb 2013 12:18


Wow ... you would need very good fees to justify £1,000 per company.

How about VT Accounts & Taxcalc? They would cost more than £200, but a lot less than £3K, and they come without limits. You can get TaxCalc Corporation tax cheaper for reduced numbers of submissions.

Or you could buy VT (which will prep iXBRL) and use HMRC CT filing.

Other than that, it would be cheaper to do as much as possible yourself, and then get an accountant to prepare & submit accounts/CT.

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By marks
04th Feb 2013 23:23

agree with Shirley

Get VT for accounts, costs about £200 and taxcalc for tax returns.

I have the professional tax calc package which costs £480 for unlimited returns so you would probably need to contact them for a deal on a 3 CT package.




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By Luke
04th Feb 2013 23:46

I agree VT for the accounts

and I'd just use HMRC's corporation tax software for the CT600s, there are only three of them so it won't be much hassle.


I also agree that I wouldn't let a client submit something they had prepared through my gateway so I can understand that point of view too.

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By Fran001
05th Feb 2013 08:11

Thank you

Thanks to everyone that responded, you have confirmed what I already suspected - VT and or TaxCalc.

ShirleyM on Iris I had made the mistake of seeing a module cost of £99+VAT for accounts prod - silly me, I should have known Iris wouldn't do anything that cheaply!

Luke you are probably right on the HMRC software for CT600, they are all very straightforward (I wouldnt be goign them otherwise!)


Thanks again


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By hmyers
06th Feb 2013 17:38

Take a look at First Choice Final Accounts Mini - only £99

First Choice Final Accounts is available in 3 versions - Single Entity at £10, Mini (50 clients for £99) and unlimited clients for £199. Easy to create iXBRL accounts and attach to the HMRC CT600 software.

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