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Recommendation for book on R&D Tax credits

Looking for a recommendation for a publication on R&D tax credits.

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We prepare our own R&D tax credit claims, but even so, I am looking for a recommendation for a book / manual that might discuss claims in a little more depth.

I don't think we miss anything, as such, but it would be nice to have a reference point.


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By alan.rolfe
21st May 2019 11:26

I've bought a couple of books on R&D and have found them pretty useless.

Much of the books are just a reprint of the legislation, so the actual book is quite short.

I've found the commentary doesn't really cover the sort of difficult points you sometimes encounter, so the search goes on!

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By David Winch
23rd May 2019 09:46

Rather than a book, can I humbly suggest you talk to some colleagues of mine who have an impressive 100% record of successful R&D Tax Claims for their clients.

David Winch
Sales & Marketing Consultant, Cambridge

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By Ian Ross
23rd May 2019 10:19

I do lots of R&D tax credit applications and would be happy to have a chat, if that would help. Ian Ross [email protected]

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By Graham Suggett
23rd May 2019 10:32


I've just spoken with my colleague, Andrew Alton, who was an R&D Tax Specialist with HMRC for 10 years. The 2 books he's familiar with are:

- Maria Kitt - Research and Development Tax Reliefs (ex-HMRC)
- The other is by Sue Nelson of Breakthrough Funding.

They’re both mentioned on this link

Alternatively, Andrew is always happy to have a chat about R&D if you ever have any questions and can be contacted at:

[email protected]

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