Recommendation for Forecasting Software Sage 50

Want to get a program or cloud based solution to use with Sage 50 data to Forecast

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Hi all,

We are a c£2m t/o company who use Sage 50 for our accounting. ATM I am using Excel and manually building a forecast every quarter. Can anyone recommend a software or cloud based solution which can take my actual data from Sage and produce P&L, BS and CF forecasts?





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By andybailey
06th Jan 2017 12:13

Hi Michael,

There is a Sage 50 Forecasting product which might help, although I have no direct experience with it. I don't know of any others that link with desktop software.

If you're willing to consider switching accounting software provider then I recommending contacting Exact. Depending on which industry you're in they may have dedicated product (Manufacturing/Wholesale etc). They have P&L and BS reports plus links to 3rd party apps and are a great fit for companies looking for a cloud solution and have outgrown the likes of Xero and QBO.

If your company is expanding then you might also want to consider looking at ERP products such as NetSuit, Financial Force and Microsoft Dynamics, which target larger companies with more sophisticated needs. Obviously there is a price associated with this.

Full disclosure - I'm was formerly the Product Manager for Exact UK and their Accounting product internationally, which is why I know I know it so well. I no longer have any commercial ties with the company, but if you tell them I recommended you one of my friends there might buy me a beer!

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Stuart Walker Yellow Tomato Copy
By winton50
12th Jan 2017 11:37

Have a look at Planguru.

It's a pretty good solution that has a huge amount of forecasting functionality and compared to many other solutions it's pretty cheap.

I evaluated it for a client recently and although they didn't buy it (they were a larger company) I was impressed with the usability.

feel free to PM me if you have any detailed questions

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By ShayaG
12th Jan 2017 11:45

Probably not what you want to hear, but it's hard to beat Excel.

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Stuart Walker Yellow Tomato Copy
By winton50
12th Jan 2017 11:48

As an excel geek I'd agree but you have to admit that there are a few issues, especially around version control and collaboration over a network.

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By James Power
12th Jan 2017 12:04

FD4Cast -

An Excel-based forecasting system with Sage Hotlink / Import Routine.

If it's just you producing the forecast do you really need it to be cloud based?

I would only suggest cloud if multiple users / producers are involved. Otherwise Excel is your best bet as it is as flexible as you want it to be and is extremely customisable to suit your business.

Don't let them shoe-horn you into a black-box solution. You'll spend ages getting your head around it and ultimately it won't do exactly what you want it to do!

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By James Power
12th Jan 2017 15:57

Excel will always have it's detractors, but it's cheap, easy to use, flexible and allows you to build your assumptions up methodically.

Cloud solutions and hard-coded software always force you to use their methodology of creating assumptions or make you to upload them from Excel / CSV.

So if you start in Excel why not just keep it in Excel?

Cloud-based solutions in my opinion are over-priced and always subscription based. What happens to your forecast if you stop your subscription??

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By royprice
12th Jan 2017 15:49

Michael - If you can wait a few weeks we will be launching a new budgeting software that will take your data from Sage and format it in any or all ways that help you do "what-ifs". Contact Darren Bindert, Magicube Ltd, 16 Reddings Road, Birmingham B13 8LN. 07733 015 271. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Replying to royprice:
By kiwilondon99
16th Jul 2019 16:20

whatever happened to magicubes offering ?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
13th Jan 2017 15:34

Have you not looked at Spotlight Reporting or Crunchboards?

Both can take a CSV import of Sage TB.

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