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Recommendation for SAP add-on for MTD VAT?

Looking for a cost-effective solution to complete our UK VAT returns under MTD using SAP ECC6

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We are embarking on the installation of SAP ECC6 into our SME in the UK.  We are using the model developed by our sister company in the EU and applying it to our company in the UK.  The issue is that it does not come with the necessary UK MTD reporting for our VAT returns. 

I am aware that the newer version of SAP has this available, but this is not available to us.

We currently use a thirdparty solution which costs us < £100 a year, ideally we do not want to increase our costs - it is just 9 boxes afterall!

Can anyone suggest a third party solution which will act as a cost effective interface between the SAP and the HMRC? 

Or does SAP UK offer such a solution if so how much will it cost?



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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Feb 2020 09:03

What wrong with what you do now?

You just have the dump the numbers out of SAP, and push them over to HMRC.

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13th Feb 2020 14:19

Try bridging software £30 per annum

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By johnhemming
13th Feb 2020 16:11

HMRC now provide a way of searching through the MTD providers to see which ones offer a free service.

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