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Recommendations for Point of Sale Equipment

Looking for recommendations for a cost effect POS cash till and Card reader

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Hi All,

My client has been let down by his existing supplier and has asked me to find an alternative. I have to admit, that I have little experience of setting up such systems.

He is looking for a POS till and card reader that will work together. His VAT status is that of partially exempt, so we must be able to get clear accurate records of all sales. I guess we are looking for a regular statement that will show all sales, both cash and card, and will clearly show the VAT charged per transaction.

At the moment, because of the existing supplier (and yes, we have gone back to them over the past 8-10 weeks - they simply do not want to know - a case of 'made the sale, move on') sold the contract/equipment that is simply not 'fit for purpose', we are presently having to manually calculate all sales. The first VAT return is due by 07 April.

Please bare in mind that this is start-up company, and although there is some cash in the bank, things are a bit tight.

Thanks to all in advance.



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