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Recommendations for updating Tax knowledge, please

Feeling a bit out of touch on tax issues that I don't deal with on a day-to-day basis

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Happy Monday, everyone!

It's been a very long while since I did tax exams (in ACCA), and I think I could do with some comprehensive updating.  Of course, I do complete CPD regularly, but I think I need more than sessions focused on specific changes.

I figured that if I'm going for a more comprehensive update, why not gain a new qualification while I'm at it?  So, I'm on the cusp of registering with ATT, but wanted to see what some of you thought, and if there were other more practical options for someone working full time in Practice.

As always, really appreciate all the support on AW!

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By cbp99
08th Jun 2021 10:05

I would not put you off ATT. As you say, if you want a comprehensive update, you may as well pick up a qualification while you are at it. As an ATT member you will receive Whillans tax tables, Tolleys tax guide, and an annotated copy of the Finance Act every year. Doing a qualification will force you to be methodical in your coverage of tax.

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By thestudyman
08th Jun 2021 10:54

If you are ACCA qualified then you should have exemptions from both ATT and CTA. From other posts on this forum of those who are qualified but want to do tax, ATT may not be beneficial if you have already done ACCA - especially if you had completed the Advanced Tax exam.

CTA is the gold standard but needs some dedication. If you did struggle with the tax exams in ACCA, this could prove an even bigger challenge. It would help if you already have good tax practical experience.

I've not done CTA but previous posts have painted the picture it is demanding to learn.

Most of the providers (Tolley, Mercia) provide regular tax updates to update your knowledge, which i think is enough for most.

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By In a Daze
09th Jun 2021 01:44

To keep me up to date with tax matters I use Rossmartin.If i feel the area is just too complex I get one of their team to deal with it and bill the client accordingly.

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By Tax Dragon
09th Jun 2021 07:07

You may have exemptions from ATT but I doubt you'd pass the exam without training. Go for it - it covers a lot of what you need (and the stuff it doesn't cover is stuff you probably should be subcontracting anyway).

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By nick farrow
19th Aug 2021 16:43

i recommend subscription to Taxation and ptp tax tv

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