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Recommendations please for good tax advisor.

Recommendations please for really good, pro-active, tax advisor.

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Recommendations please for good tax advisor. Have a situation where 6 off-shore companies receiving uk commercial rents need to declare figures for the last 6 years (Returns never done). Potential net income across the 6 companies, over the last 6 years, is c£850k, so a fair amount of taxation (etc) will be due. Need a really good, pro-active, advisor who can speak to the people involved with these Companies, and advise them best way of dealing with this, as opposed to someone who just wants to complete the Returns and sit back and wait for HMRC to do the work, which is what we appear to be getting so far. The main person acting for the Company is based outside UK (Andorra), so geography not an issue for the advisor. Thank you.

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Out of my mind
By runningmate
29th Dec 2016 14:58

Looks like you need a post-active tax adviser with experience of tax investigations.
I'm out.

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Replying to runningmate:
By dylanski
29th Dec 2016 16:15

That's exactly what we're after, thanks, thought that there would be lots of recommendations from people in the know on here, but nothing so far :(

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
29th Dec 2016 15:52

Surely its difficult to be pro active to retrospectively prepare 6 years tax returns.

They just need to be put together correctly and filed and tax paid. I am not sure what you think HMRC do in the process to "do all the work".

They will take the returns from you along with the tax and then may well inquire into them.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By dylanski
29th Dec 2016 16:14

Thanks for your reply, I meant pro-active in terms of giving advice as to how to mitigate the losses both going back and in moving forward, and how to negotiate with HMRC, as there are options, which I haven't gone into here. Is there anyone with this level of ability/experience that you would recommend?

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Replying to dylanski:
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
29th Dec 2016 16:16

Sent you a PM but you wont get him until next week now.

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By plummy1
29th Dec 2016 19:29


I would recommend Ben whose details are below. Very professional, personable and with a realistic fee structure. If you contact him please let him know the referral came from John Plumridge.

Ben Gander
Tax Consultant and Director
Gander Tax Services Limited
Telephone: 01730 231054 or 07889 541959
Office address: 55 Station Road, Petersfield. GU32 3ES

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