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Recommended Accounting System for Guesthouse?

Recommended Accounting System for Guesthouse?

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My guesthouse client hates spreadsheets, and would prefer the straight jacket of a computerised accounting system. My preference is for something in the Cloud.

It must easily account for and control individual guest deposits, as well as having a retail facility for bar sales. It would be great if it raised sales invoices - accounting for deposits, and has a database of guest names, addresses and emails that can be used for mailshots?

This is only a small business, so I expect to compromise with some work-around, but am just interested to know what may be out there, wider than I can personally research.

To narrow my search down, does anyone have any recommendations please?

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By BigBadWolf
17th Jan 2012 17:16

Angel fish

- I have not used it myself - but my colleague has a client who likes and uses it 

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By agknight
13th Feb 2012 08:58


Only one answer, but one's enough as it is a good one!

It doesn't reconcile to the bank, but how often does a client with a spreadsheet manage that!

The good thing is, it tallys the costs like a spreadsheet, but for the client it also has a great online bookings facility.

Many thanks



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