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Recording Sales by Card

Better than a spreadsheet ?

I have a client who has just got one of these card machines.  Obviously the bank statements just show a global figure being banked but, looking at the vouchers, we need to analyse between three categories as a minimum (more would be nice - it'd give us more management information).

1. Standard rated retail sales

2. Zero rated sales

3. Payments from customers who have already been invoiced

Obviously a spreadsheet is an option - but is there any software that might be more foolproof to operate ?


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07th Nov 2017 20:44

Hi Lion
Which card is involved?

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to Marion Hayes
07th Nov 2017 22:00

They use Streamline to accept Visa, Mastercard etc.

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07th Nov 2017 22:15

Ah, now part of WorldPay. You can get reports that show the detail on individual cards in csv format (for a monthly fee) but I'm not sure if they will do breakdowns per receipt which is what you need, by the sounds of it.

Do they run such through a till system? If so, can you get z reports that show the splits you need on a daily basis?

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07th Nov 2017 23:57

The monthly statements show the breakdown of each sale within the payment transferred and I believe you can download them to upload as you can with credit cards. I don't think the card sale machine takes any information on the VAT content though.

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08th Nov 2017 13:14

I have this situation at a shop I work in. Shop workers are 'trained' to write the invoice number on the slip if it is already invoiced. The slip goes in the till drawer but nothing gets rung through. Non invoiced sales go through the till.
I enter each days shop trading as a sales receipt on quickbooks, split into as many headings as you want to track. Cash, card slips and cheques received as payment are recorded as being in the 'till' (dummy) bank account. I transfer the card slip total each day to the real bank, cash and cheques are deposited once a week. Also sometimes I have to interogate streamline website for individual transaction details if the slip has been lost.
If you didn't have till software then I'm sure a notebook or spreadsheet would give enough detail for you to enter- or a duplicate receipt book as surely the customers are provided with a VAT record?

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08th Nov 2017 13:26

For both your sanity and to get more management information, get your client to get a till.

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08th Nov 2017 15:59

Thanks to all for the advice.

I'll discuss it with the client shortly.

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08th Nov 2017 17:34

We run till "bank" accounts of most of our clients. Show the daily takings split by type for the ones that haven't been invoiced before as being banked into the till.
Show the sales receipt into the till account for any invoices being paid so you clear the invoice.
Then when stuff hits the bank it is a transfer from the till account to the proper bank account. The online solutions can do these as bulk allocations so you aren't posting every "transfer" unless you do the bookkeeping daily.
Not sure if that helps?

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to accountantccole
08th Nov 2017 17:44

It's a good technique - but I'm looking for some system that the client can deal with, so it has to be simpler than that.

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