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Recourse to get sa800 figures for self-assessment?

What happens if partnership admin doesn’t provide figures to enable partner to fill self-assessment?

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I have left a partnership and need by January the figures for profits allocated to me for 2019/2020 so i can submit self-assessment. They are not co-operating saying they won’t provide figures. Will it be a complaint to HMRC if they don’t provide the details by Jan 31? Where would I stand if this happens?

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By gainsborough
26th Jul 2020 10:44

Do you know which accountants dealt with the partnership tax return? If so, you or your accountant could write to them and ask for the relevant page of the partnership tax return (showing your allocation of profits for 2019/20).

Don't forget that this will only show partnership profits up to the end of the accounting period ending in 2019/20, so if you left the partnership before 5th April 2020, you would also need details of profits up to the date you left (possibly an estimate at this stage) and details of any overlap profits when you joined.

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Replying to gainsborough:
By fireseeker
26th Jul 2020 13:59

They have their own internal tax department. It just seems wrong that they should say they aren’t going to provide the figures, surely it is a legal requirement? Thankfully I am not due any profits since April.

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By SXGuy
26th Jul 2020 14:22

Have they said why they won't provide it? Surely your entitled to see the partnership return given you were a partner?

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By Paul Crowley
26th Jul 2020 14:43

There is a legal remedy named specific performance.
Not a solicitor do no idea if it would apply

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