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We are trying to recruit a part time client manager for our accountancy practice (newly created position) based in North Shropshire. The position is for 22.5 hours per week with possibility of increasing to 30 hours per week next year.

Having done some social media advertising and having already contacted some recruitment agencies, candidates seem to be few and far between (as we expected!). We have a super practice however; with all our clients already on cloud accounting, enhanced flexible working, stunning rural office location (but close to some main North Shropshire towns), no timesheets and the kind of technology which means our team can work from any location and don't need to be confined to the office.

I understand from recruiters that flexible working is high on the 'wish list' for many candidates and I'm sure our flexibility far outweighs any offered by local practices in our area....but it's difficult to promote this fact being a fairly small (6 member) team until we can get candidates in for actual interviews.

Does anybody have recommendations for quality recruiters or ideas for promoting the jobs ourselves?

P.s we also advertisied on Indeed which did not yield any suitable candidates with most applying not having the experience nor meeting the criteria we set.


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By Maslins
11th Apr 2019 09:51

For me "part time" and "client manager" kinda clash.

Many good candidates will want high earnings, part of which will mean expecting full time.

Many wanting part time work will want a fairly low stress job they can fit around other commitments.

I'm sure there will be some candidates who are both capable enough, confident enough, and wanting part time...but they'll be few and far between.

Any scope for internal promotion then taking on another junior instead?

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Replying to Maslins:
By Mr_awol
11th Apr 2019 10:34

My thoughts exactly (I had an unexpected meeting which interrupted my lengthy rant - when I wrote it, nobody else had replied).

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By Mr_awol
11th Apr 2019 10:32

We use a few specialised accountancy recruiters, who normally 'ring round their candidate bank' (recruitment agency code for call people they placed two years ago and agitate someone into a move).

Having 'grown up' in practice from trainee through audit senior, manager, partner, etc I must admit though that your job doesn't sound like it would have ever interested me - nor many of the people ive encountered along the way. Those it would have interested, generally, haven't been the types that would have made the grade.

The reason? 22.5 hours (even rising to 30) for a 'client manager'.

Firstly, and most importantly, it's hard to be a proper 'client manager' (or manager generally) part time. If you are the first port of call for clients, and especially if you are supervising staff, you really do need to be full time to make it work. We have had two part-time managers and the one that vaguely worked was the one that did their reduced hours over a 'full' five day week to fit around her childcare needs, as opposed to working (say) a three day week.

Secondly, all of the successful managers and partners I've worked with have been career focussed, driven individuals. None of them working in a lower role would have been seeking a 'promotion' on a part time basis as they are looking to improve their salary/career/etc. Male or female, they have either been childless or have chosen within their family units that they will work full time and their wife/husband/partner will take on childcare and do the part time thing.

You may find an existing manager wanting to reduce hours but if I'm honest the chances are against it.

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By CazzyT
11th Apr 2019 11:51

If your practice is a super as it sounds, I would be interested to know what salary you are offering for part time rural idyll.

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By Moonbeam
11th Apr 2019 13:54

It's particularly tough right now getting good applicants for any accountancy job. If the agencies can't find anyone suitable you're going to have to rethink the job/salary/basically all options.
LinkedIn would be worth a try, but perhaps a job rethink comes first.

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