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Where do you look to find recruits ?

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My firm is looking for a well qualified and experienced international tax manager. Someone who can hit the ground running with a portfolio of clients. But we're finding the usual routes of word of mouth, job sites, social media unproductive. Agencies seem incredibly expensive and the ones we've used don't seem to read the brief so we get candidates who are no use to us.

Anyone else have any ideas ? Any really good agencies for this type of position ? 

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By mrme89
16th Jul 2019 13:49

What social media are you using?

Robert Half are pretty good from a candidate perspective. A few of the recruiters I have worked with are former accountants, so they understand the role and my work history before offering for me to be put forward.

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By paul.benny
16th Jul 2019 14:13

Turn the question around. Why would I want to work for you? What's so good about gerrysims &co as a place to work? Or what's so good about the particular role.

It's often forgotten that recruitment is a two-way process. In a buyers market you can get away with say "who wants this job". There's now more of a balance between supply and demand - which means that you need to attract prospective candidates who might otherwise head for a Top10 firm because that looks good on the CV.

Also consider whether your job needs to be full time. If you actively offer 3/4 days, you may attract candidates who you would otherwise miss.

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By Maslins
16th Jul 2019 14:19

Concerns me that you say agencies don't read the brief so send you lots of inappropriate candidates. I'd always thought that was the primary reason for going via an agency. Maybe you just need a better recruitment agency?

To date we've done all our training internally and have just used cheap and cheerful Indeed to get trainees. I'm happy with it. However, we do get a lot of candidates who don't bother to read the criteria...and given we're not requiring any specific experience, our criteria are quite basic! So you'd likely get quite a few timewasters, though maybe not that many, as I guess your average Joe with no accounting experience and poor qualifications may well think it's worth chucking in an application for a trainee role, but wouldn't be daft enough to do that for one asking for an international tax manager.

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By Matrix
16th Jul 2019 15:43

I would expect an international tax manager can work anywhere so you need to make your proposition attractive and put it with the larger tax recruitment agencies. I qualified and got my first international tax manager job for £50k + bonus in 1997 so I expect you need to be competitive too.

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By janejordan
26th Jul 2019 10:18

My firm has had a couple of ex-employees return to us after gaining a few years experience elsewhere. It’s always worth staying in touch with any good staff that have left in case their circumstances change. That also avoids any agency fees.

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