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Redeemable Preference Shares FIFO/LIFO?

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I have a client who has holdings of redeemable preference shares in a company issued at different dates. If we were to redeem some of these shares, would this be done on a FIFO/LIFO basis, a pooled basis or would it be on some other basis alltogether?

Any help would be appreciated



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Hallerud at Easter
26th Mar 2020 14:13

Surely pooled basis, presuming all shares are the same share class. I presume you are asking for CGT purposes?

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Replying to DJKL:
By Tax Dragon
26th Mar 2020 15:15

DJKL wrote:

I presume you are asking for CGT purposes?

The reference to the shareholder redeeming the shares may indicate that CGT is not relevant.

But I say that for your info, not the newbie OP's.

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