Reduction in value of investment

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Small ltd company has deposited 300k into a Lloyd's investment.

At the year end it is worth 250k.  They have no intention of selling.

Do the accounts needs to be amended to show the investment at 250k? If so, is that just to the p and l account?

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By Tax is always taxing
27th Feb 2023 14:00

Without sounding rude, have you considered reading the standards you are preparing the accounts under?

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By paul.benny
27th Feb 2023 14:19

You've said Small company - so presumably reporting under FRS102.

The Lloyds investment would appear to be a financial instrument within the scope of Section 12. That would mean you do have to take the impairment in the period.

FRS102 can be downloaded without charge from the FRC website.

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