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Regarding paye scheme from april 2014

Regarding paye scheme from april 2014

I am director of a small company. My question is from april 2014, do i need to register for paye scheme and report to HMRC using RTI even i am withdrawing small salary (e.g of 100 pounds per week) from my company?


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04th Mar 2014 12:31

April 2014?

Your company does not need a PAYE scheme if:

none of its paid employees has another job or pension, andno-one is paid £111 or more in a tax week from 6th April 2014 onwards (currently £109 a week).

If the company does not have a PAYE scheme, it does not have to report anything under RTI.

What is the significance of April 2014?  If you are currently drawing a salary, the rules apply now.

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