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Register for PAYE when no director has UK NI no.

How do you register for PAYE when the company has no director with UK NI number.

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A client is an Irish Limited co which wants to employ someone in the UK.

However, when you try and register online for PAYE you get to the section where they ask for the director's details including their NI number. The little help pop-up box says, in the absence of a NI number, you can use the tax identifier from the country where the director is resident. However, when I enter that number it keeps telling me it is not in the format of a NI number and won't let me progress. 

Any idea on how to proceed? 

Thanks in advance.



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By accountantccole
17th Sep 2019 12:11

Phone them - we have a few of these

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By exceljockey
19th Sep 2019 07:55

Thanks for the replies - do you need to phone twice once for PAYE and once for self-assessment or can you do both on the same call?

Is this the best number -0300 200 3211?

Thanks in advance.

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