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Register for Self-Employed Temp NI Number Required

Register for Self-Employed Temp NI Number Required

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I have had an enquiry from a prospective new client who is from Amercia, who has married a UK citizen (a current client of mine).  The prospective client applied for their Residence Permit whilst in the US which they are in receipt of, but as no face to face meetings are currently being held, I have been advised by the National Insurance section to contact HMRC to apply for a temporary NINO so that they can register for self employement.

I phoned HMRC agents line to enquire how  to apply for this, and they explained that if we print off the Self Employment registration form (CWF1) and enclose a letter explaining that we require a temporary NI number to be issued in the interim, they can be registered as self-employed. 

Has anyone else had to face this at the moment, and know if this is the way to obtain a temporary number?

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By Sarah Z
09th Oct 2020 15:56

They don't need a NI number to get a UTR if you print the form off and send it in - I have done this many times - it can take a long time though

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Replying to Sarah Z:
By Carolynne
09th Oct 2020 16:34

Thanks Sarah

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By David Treitel
09th Oct 2020 19:43

As the client is a US citizen, the client remains US resident for all US tax purposes. Do not overlook that ALL advice you may provide may have repercussions in the US (not always good ones). Your client can easily send a paper request for a UTR to HMRC. There is no requirement for this to be issued before the client commences self-employment.

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