Register for VAT or not?

I am health care professional registered with HCPC

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I am an orthotist and started my own private practice and running that as a limited company. My practice see patients who may require medical devices to support their health worsening or improve quality of life or treat medical conditions. I understand some of the devices I supply are VAT exempt and some of them are not e.g. custom insoles

I satisfy section 2.1 and section 2.3 

My business is not currently VAT registered and some of the devices I supply can be over thousand pounds and currently I pay VAT to buy them from manufacturer and have to increase the price for the patient. The manufacturer says to me that they have to charge VAT to me because I am not a patient and also I am not VAT registered.

My turnover has not reached the threashold and may take up to 2 years to get there but I am considering to register for VAT anyway so that I can provide the patient a cheaper price by either not paying VAT to start with or by claiming it back by doing VAT returns. 

Some of the devices I supply do not quality for VAT exemption so I understand I would charge VAT to those patients. I forecast that to be less than high end devices and I am assuming I would be able to also claim VAT on other business expenses e.g. room rent cost.

I have spoken to 3 different accountants and all of them says, it’s not worth the extra work you have to do to stay VAT compliant but I do not understand why that should be a reason for not registering if it saves you money and stay competitive with pricing.

I want to sign up with an accountant who understand medical profession and may be have dealt with something similar before and provide guidance. 

Thank you for reading.





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