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Registered address and mail forwarding in London

Looking for mail forwarding advice

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Do you know a good company that does mail forwarding for small businesses in London? (either scan and email or forward by post)
At the moment we are using Seed Formations but it's a disaster. They don't forward letters. We've missed several letters from the HMRC and companies house.
Thanks for any advice

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blue sheep
05th May 2021 07:54 have always done pretty well for us, we have a handful of clients with them

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Replying to NH:
By exceljockey
05th May 2021 11:44

I second The London Office. Have had no problems with them.

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By bernard michael
05th May 2021 09:25

Forward by post is best done by Royal Mail

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
05th May 2021 09:41

British Monomarks
Reliable, confidential, & affordable.

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By ham12
05th May 2021 16:27

Thanks it's very helpful. I will contact them.

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