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Registered Office Address

Old client still at using my address

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I have a couple of old clients that have not changed their registered office address over.  They are still registered at my address.  Is there a form to let Companies House know.  Is there anything I should be mindful of if my address is being used and the client is receiving penalties or has been struck off?  Thank you for your help.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
15th Feb 2019 13:00

What do your T&C's concerning the provision of this service say happens in this situation?

Mine say the fee doubles if they take no other services, and the director is personal liable. I have never enforced it, but I have read it out before now and does the trick.

Mine also says I can return the post if no fees are paid, not that we offer this out to many people. Too much hassle quite frankly.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By sammerchant
19th Feb 2019 10:26

I have just forwarded the item, but without any extra postage. The recipient then has to pay a penal rate of postage if he wishes to have it.

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By pauljohnston
20th Feb 2019 06:54

In our letter of disengagement it says that as we no longer act for the company the registered office changes to that of the person to whom the disengagement letter is addressed.

I corresponded with Companies House who advised that if the letter was returned to them "no longer at this address" that Companies house changed the registered off to that of the director.

If you still have the codes you could consider a letter to the offenders saying unless we hear from you by a certain date we will change the reg office to your home address

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