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Registered Office - Expense Category

What category would I class a registered office expense

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I pay a monthly fee for a registered address/directors service address. What category would this fall under?

I use Freeagent and my options are:

Normally VATable Admin Expenses
Accommodation and Meals
Accountancy Fees
Advertising and Promotion
Business Entertaining
Childcare Vouchers
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Internet & Telephone
Leasing Payments
Legal and Professional Fees
Mobile Phone
Motor Expenses
Office Costs
Office Equipment
Other Computer Costs
Staff Entertaining
Staff Training
Web Hosting

Normally Zero-VAT Admin Expenses
Bank/Finance Charges
Book and Journals
Charitable Donations
Interest Payable
PAYE/NI Penalty
Pension (Stakeholder) and Pension (Annuity)
Company Pension Contributions
Use of Home
VAT Penalty

I was thinking office costs but the definition freeagent gives is "Costs that might go in the “Office Costs” category are day-to-day costs of running an office that’s not based in your home, such as cleaning, running repairs, and light and heat" so I wasn't sure. 

I also have the option of setting up a new category - would this be more appropriate and if so what should I call it?

I apologise in advance if this question seems obvious/trivial but any advice given would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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By Accountant A
15th Jun 2020 20:30


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Replying to Accountant A:
By Makkusu
03rd Apr 2020 17:02

Accountant A wrote:

I'll go first: "Childcare Vouchers".

DO NOT listen to this person.

I personally would put it in: "Motor Expenses".

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Replying to Accountant A:
By aurora2020
15th Apr 2020 11:15

Thank you for your unhelpful response.

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By paulhammett
03rd Apr 2020 17:15

Office costs will be fine, the important thing is to be consistent .

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By bernard michael
04th Apr 2020 09:36

Legal & professional fees as it is a legal requirement to have an RO

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